Is Working Too Fast A Bad Thing?

We were recently reading different posts from different Pop-A-Lock locations around the US and Canada, when we noticed a funny story that got us thinking. A woman in Ohio was upset because the technician worked very fast in opening her door, and she didn’t think she should have to pay the amount on the bill for that duration of work. We laughed, at first, because we thought the customer’s point was odd – but then we got to thinking about how we would handle the same issue.

The price is going to be the same no matter how long it takes. Personally, we think a service is great when it’s fast and it gets the job done right. Picture this: If the cashier at a grocery store rings your things up fast, then do you think you should have to pay more because of their speed? We say, “No.” The same idea should be applied to the locksmith industry. The price is going to be the same price no matter if the technician is fast or slow.

In fact, we are usually the fastest in the business because our technicians receive top-notch training, but sometimes situations can change.

If you are look for a residential locksmith that is unlike any other, then look no further. Just call Pop-A-Lock of Jacksonville at 904-246-4590. If you receive service from us, we would appreciate if you would leave us a review as well:

We’re happy to serve the Jacksonville, Florida area!

Do You Know About Our Free Key Return Program?

How many times have you said these words: “Have you seen my keys?” Probably more than you care to admit. It’s suggested that people misplace as much as nine items per day – and the most common item were keys.

Multitasking, fatigue and stress are the main reasons for misplacing items. With the holidays coming upon us, you are more at risk for losing your precious items. But no worries because we have some good news. Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville provides a FREE key return program for its residents. All you have to do is simply request one of our keychain tags by contacting us.



Once you receive the tag, you will register your information on our website using the code on your tag. If a good Samaritan happens to find your keys before you do, they can simply drop your keys in any mailbox, and your keys will be sent to our home office. Once we receive them, we will mail them directly back to you for FREE!

It’s best to be prepared, so get yours today! You can even request multiple tags and hand them out to your friends and family.

Installing a New Deadbolt Lock

Installing deadbolt and auxiliary locks on homes is an economical way to secure one’s property. A deadbolt lock is installed in the door, while an auxiliary lock is installed on the door. Both types of locks can be purchased inexpensively at a home center store for between $7 and $10 on average.

Though many inexpensive locks do not have the features of higher quality locks, they are better than no deadbolt or auxiliary lock at all.

Install a New Deadbolt Lock

Installing a New Deadbolt Lock

Before installing a deadbolt lock, measure the thickness of the door. If the door is less than 1 ¾ inches thick, install a reinforcement plate, such asMAG’s Install-A-Lock, before installing a new lock. Though most do-it-yourselfers are able to install locks on their own, if a door requires major reinforcement or if a homeowner anticipates the installation process will be difficult, it may be easier and more effective to hire a professional locksmith to install the lock.

To install the lock, follow the installation instructions in the packaging. Drill and cut the edge bore, the cross-bore and mortise cut-out for the face plate. Then, use three-inch long drywall screws to attach the bolt or latch to the door rather than the shorter screws that came with the lock. The longer screws will hold the bolt of the lock more firmly to the door and make it more difficult to force open.

If using a reinforcement plate, mount it on the door at this point. Then, align the body of the lock according to the directions. Then, insert the screws that came with the packaging to fasten the lock to the door.

Next, measure the bolt hole and strike plate locations on the door jamb. Then, attach the strike plate to the jamb with drywall screws three inches long or longer. The longer screws require a bit more elbow grease, but will increase the strength of the strike plate.

Installing a New Auxiliary Lock

Auxiliary locks are easier to install than deadbolt locks because they are mounted on the surface of the door. The only cut through the door is a 1 ¼-inch hole for the key cylinder to be mounted on the outside.

Installing deadbolt and auxiliary locks is an easy, economical way to enhance security for many Jacksonville, FL homeowners. If you’re interested in learning more about deadbolt or auxiliary locks or to learn about how a professional locksmith can help, call us at 904-246-4590.

Ignition Giving You Problems? Call Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville

It may be hard to believe, but when you have ignition problems, locksmiths can often be a cost-saving resource. While an auto repair shop or dealership can help with many repairs, they are not the only places to have a vehicle repaired.

Understanding Car Ignitions and Common Problems
The ignition controls a car’s power with a turn of a key. When a driver puts the car’s key into the ignition, it turns a lock that then triggers the electric ignition switch. The ignition switch connects the car starter to the battery, which delivers a surge of electricity to the motor, allowing the car to start.

The ignition can fail in two ways. Now and again, there are issues with the electric ignition switch. In this situation, drivers can insert and turn their car keys, but the engine doesn’t turn over. This issue, then, is a job for an auto repair technician.

However, the lock cylinder in the ignition can also fail. Drivers will know the lock cylinder fails if they find they can’t insert the key into the ignition, or if the key refuses to turn and catches in the lock. In such cases, a professional locksmith can repair the lock mechanism, helping the car owner avoid a costly trip to the mechanic or dealership.

The average price to replace an ignition at a dealership can be an astounding $375, and an independent mechanic may charge anywhere from $275 to $325 for this service. In both instances, the car will need to be towed to the repair bay, adding more expense to your overall bill.

How a Professional Locksmith Can Help
Instead of paying the high rates of an auto mechanic, Pop-A-Lock can replace the lock mechanism in a car ignition and are able to perform the service wherever the vehicle happens to be. Not only does this save you the cost of a repair at a shop, it also saves the hassle and cost of getting their cars towed.

If you find yourself unable to turn the key in your car’s ignition, call the professionals at Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville before calling your mechanic or dealership. In many cases, Pop-A-Lock may be able to save you 50 percent of the cost of a mechanic’s repair. If you’re stranded in a car with a key that refuses to turn, call Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville today at 904-246-4590 to schedule an appointment.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Hiring a Reputable and Legitimate Locksmith

It seems like there are hundreds upon hundreds of locksmiths out there. But how do you know you’re hiring an honest and reputable one? Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville is here to help you demystify the process of finding a legitimate locksmith.

avoid locksmith scams
Avoid Locksmith Scams


What is this locksmith’s rating on the internet?
By looking up a locksmith’s internet rating on reputable sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and ServiceMagic can help provide insight on real consumer experiences. However, take care in knowing that some reviews may be fake. Fake reviews are usually done by the hundreds and if you check a review’s date, you’ll often find that many fake reviews are done on the same day – and many in multiples with 5-star ratings. Scammers will pay people to write fake, glowing reviews in order to bump up their ratings. But we know these are red flags that the reviews are, indeed, fake.

Is this locksmith on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website?
Check the locksmith’s BBB rating by punching in their name to find out if they are accredited. If a locksmith company is not accredited by the BBB, don’t use it. Look for a B+ rating is considered a good rating.

Is this locksmith on is the official website of the Association of the Locksmiths of America (ALOA), a trade group for locksmiths. Members of this website must be professional locksmiths and must be in good standing with the association. Members in good standing will never be scammers.

Will the locksmith be in full uniform?
Call the locksmith and confirm their technicians and locksmiths will be in full uniform. You will know who they are when they show up to help you. Professional locksmith technicians will be in company uniform and drive a company vehicle that is clearly marked. Scammers often appear in street clothes in an unmarked car. If a locksmith shows up out of uniform in an unmarked vehicle, do not hire him or her.

And the last important step in finding a reputable locksmith is to know a good locksmith before you actually need one. By researching a good Jacksonville locksmith ahead of time, you will exactly who to call when an emergency situation arises.

Ask these questions and you’ll be sure not to be scammed by an unscrupulous locksmith. And if you have any questions at all, be sure to give Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville a call at 904-246-4590.

Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville Provides Emergency Roadside Assistance


Although we are known as primarily locksmiths, we are always here to help you with emergency services, such as flat tire assistance, jump starts, gasoline delivery and, of course, lockouts. During the summer, it is a well-known fact that many cars break down. The summer heat can wreak havoc on many cars, new and old, which can sometimes leave you stranded and helpless on the side of the road.

Pop-A-Lock Emergency Roadside Assistance

Just as with all of our locksmithing services, you can still expect  the same level of exceptional professionalism and efficiency with our emergency roadside services. You can guarantee our focus is on your safety and satisfaction. You can be assured that Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville – as well as all other Pop-A-Lock locations across the nation – is considered a leading service provider in every major road club in America.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe on the roadside.

If you’re broken down in traffic*:

  • Get your car as far away from traffic as possible or onto the shoulder lane, if on a highway/freeway.
  • Don’t push the car if you’re alone – it may become uncontrollable.
  • Put on your hazard and headlights to increase your car’s visibility.
  • Get out of the car – wait away from it, off the road and behind guard rails, if possible.
  • If it’s hot out, wait under some shade.
  • If in heavy traffic or a dark area, be careful moving around outside the car.
  • Make yourself visible in the dark or wait in a well-lit area.

If you’re broken down in an isolated area at night*

  • Lock all doors.
  • Put hazard and headlights on to increase your car’s visibility.
  • Keep your mobile phone handy and switched on.
  • Stay in your car until you’re sure roadside assistance has arrived.
  • If approached by an unknown person, stay in your vehicle with the doors locked. Keep your window down slightly, but not far enough for anyone to reach in.
  • If you’re concerned or frightened by their presence, activate your horn while switching your headlights on and off. Call the police by dialing 9-1-1.

* These tips are intended as a guide only. Other precautions not mentioned may also assist in personal safety. This list may not include every possible precaution required.

Nevertheless, you may be alone with the towing service driver for some time. Ask questions, give names and numbers to a friend and be sure to keep a cell phone on hand, if you are worried about your safety. If possible, keep a friend with you throughout the process. And if you have any questions, please give us a call at 904-246-4590.

Meet Our Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville Team: Jason Melton

Jason-Melton-Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville FLWe know being locked out can be frustrating and nerve-wracking, waiting for a stranger to show up and open your door. It’s even scarier when the locksmith drives up in an unmarked vehicle, without a uniform.

That will never happen to you when you call Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville. Our technicians are all fully uniformed and drive Pop-A-Lock vehicles. They’re friendly and efficient and you’ll always feel safe when dealing with us. Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our valued team members: Jason Melton. Jason has been with Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville since 2004 and won the Customer Service Award for the 4th quarter of 2011. He’s done a good job of helping out in any capacity we’ve needed him, and we look forward to many more years together with Jason. We’re proud to have such dedicated and talented staff.

Do you have other questions about Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville? Need a quote on a service? Call us today at 904-246-4590 for fast, affordable, and reliable locksmith services!

Meet Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville: Area Manager Rick Ferrell

Rick Ferrell -Jacksonville - Pop-A-LockPop-A-Lock Jacksonville prides itself on its dedicated and hardworking staff, and we’d like to introduce you to Rick Ferrell, our Jacksonville Area Manager. This year, he’s celebrating his 10 year anniversary with Pop-A-Lock and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board.

Here’s a message from Rick:

I have had the privilege of working for Pop-A-Lock for 10 years. I came in
as an entry level technician and moved through the ranks to Jacksonville
Area Manager. I have been motivated lately with a renewed outlook to move
forward and to grow Jacksonville into a leading Franchise in the Pop-A-Lock
system. I look forward to 10 more years of continued service.

We do, too. Here’s to another 10, Rick!

If you need a Jacksonville locksmith, call us at 904-246-4590 with confidence. Pop-A-Lock’s team is committed to providing you with the best locksmith services possible.

Did You Know Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Jacksonville FL Is Over 15 Years Old?

We here at Pop-A-Lock in Jacksonville were recently remiscing about all the changes we’ve seen over the years. Since we started here in June of 1995, Jacksonville has gotten to be a much more cosmospolitan place. It’s hard to believe that the Jacksonville Jaguars football team didn’t even exist when we got started!

Not only has the city of Jacksonville changed, but our organization has changed too. We got started almost exclusively helping people get back into their cars if they got locked out. We were so busy in the early days handling that business we never imagined we’d branch into advanced auto locksmith work much less residential locksmith work such as home rekeying jobs and lockouts. Today we’re a
full service locksmith
and can truly service almost all locksmith needs from auto to home to business.

But the area we are most proud of is our work with the community via our free EDU program. With this program we will unlock a child or any person who’s life is in danger for free if they are locked inside a car or house. Many people are taken aback when they hear us mention this service because they say it can never happen to them, or they think how irresponsible it is for someone else to lock their child in a car. The truth is that it can happen to anyone, and DOES happen to many people. We have helped save literally thousands of children from these situations. And, despite popular misconceptions, none of these situations have been the result of ill will or true irresponsibility. Things just happen in the course of our busy lives that result in sticky situations like these. We are proud of the fact that we’ve been able to help so many people. Over the years, we’ve actually gotten hundreds of thank you’s from people whose lives we’ve helped. You can see many of these on our Jacksonville locksmith reviews and testimonials page. In the upcoming months we’re going to attempt to post even more of them from the archives.

Many of the locksmiths who started with us in the early day are still here helping us. As we reminisce about our own history and all the people we’ve come into contact with, we would truly enjoy hearing from our customers over the past 15 years. Please send us a note, write a review on one of the review sites out there, or give us a call. We would appreciate hearing from you.

Time to get back to business. Please keep an eye on our blog we have some interesting areas of locksmithing we’ll be discussing.


The Pop-A-Lock Management Team

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Jacksonville Site is LIVE!

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Jacksonville Site Is LIVE!

Pop-A-Lock of Jacksonville is proud to announce that our new website is LIVE. Come visit us here. We have expanded our website to explain more fully our entire portfolio of services.

Many people think of us as just being the Jacksonville car locksmith, but we are actually the leading full service 24 hour locksmith in Jacksonville! We offer full automotive locksmith, residential locksmith and commercial locksmith service.

We also service the entire Jacksonville area, including Jacksonville proper, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach FL, Neptune Beach FL and Orange Park FL.

Please give us your feedback on the new website.