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Pop-A-Lock has been serving the community of Jacksonville Beach FL for over 15 years. As the largest town in the Jacksonville Beaches area, we have also serviced more vehicles, homes, and businesses in Jax Beach than any other local town! Pop-A-Lock got started unlocking car doors — and we have performed thousand of these services in the Jacksonville area — and now offer complete 24 hour locksmith service to the Beach communities.

Our service includes automotive locksmith, residential locksmith, and commercial locksmithservices. We offer these services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Being the leading Jacksonville Beach locksmith, Pop-A-Lock not only offers this service any time of day, but we will come to wherever you happen to be. Our well trained staff come in their bright orange uniforms so you know it’s us and feel safe. Our company was founded by law enforcement, so it is very important to us that our clients feel safe and that we provide top notch service.

Jacksonville Beach was one of the first areas we serviced in Florida, and so we are still proud to be helping Jacksonville Beach residents. We also still offer our Emergency Door Unlock (EDU) services to all Jacksonville residents for FREE. This means Pop-A-Lock will offer emergency locksmith service for FREE if a child is locked inside a car. To date, we have performed thousands of these free services for residents of the greater Jacksonville area.

Sometimes customers need to find us by zip code, so you can search locksmith 32240 or locksmith 32250 on the web to find us. Of course, it’s probably easier just to type Pop-A-Lock but we will try to accommodate all of your needs!

If you are ever in need of locksmith help, please call Pop-A-Lock, your trusted locksmith for over 15 years!

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Jacksonville has the best value in town of any legitimate Jacksonville locksmith.

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