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Remote Car Keys, Remote Keyless Systems (RKS), and Keyless Entry Remotes

Just as it has come to the rest of America, the concept of keyless entry remotes for cars has come to Jacksonville. Remote keyless systems (RKS) first began appearing as an option on several American Motors vehicles in 1983, including the Renault Alliance. The feature gained its first widespread availability on General Motors’ W-platform vehicles (the Buick Regal, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and Pontiac Grand Prix) in 1989.

Over the intervening years, including in Jacksonville, keyless entry remotes for cars quickly spread across the board and brought new problems for the vehicle owner and new challenges for the average locksmith. The vehicle owner quickly found out that if they locked their remote in the car (which is usually attached to the key), it was no different than locking their old mechanical keys in their car. If they lost their car key, having a new remote key made was more difficult then and more costly.

Locksmiths were forced to learn how to replace, program and service keyless entry remotes for this newer generation of cars. This new concept became a test of a locksmith’s skill as well as their ability and willingness to invest in this new equipment and training necessary to respond to this new remote keyless technology.

The good news is that, in Jacksonville, keyless remote locksmith help is available — from POP-A-LOCK. As the leading Jacksonville keyless entry remote locksmith, POP-A-LOCK can service your vehicle whenever you need help and wherever you happen to be — with the best equipment 24 hours a day!

Of additional note, this auto keyless entry system, as applied to automobiles, performs the same function of a standard, properly cut, mechanical key. The system allows the user to lock, or unlock the doors (and the trunk) with only the touch of a button. Since the keyless remote is often an integral part of the key or is a remote key fob attached to the key, locking the remote key in your car generates the same problems as locking your only mechanical key in the car. Should this happen… you need help!

And for lost car remote keys Jacksonville has its own local locksmith expert who can service keyless entry remotes for cars better than anyone else — POP-A-LOCK! We can replace lost car remotes and program car remotes.

Even though the term “keyless entry remote” for cars is a misnomer as the “remote” part of the system is often attached to a mechanical key, Keyless Entry Remote has become accepted nomenclature and is used interchangeably with the correct term: Remote Keyless Systems (RKS).

Remember, if you ever need help with car remotes, call your leading Jacksonville auto locksmith: POP-A-LOCK!

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