Customer called to thank Robert. Her children were locked in the vehicle. He arrived quickly and had them out in no time. He helped her to calm down and made sure everyone was doing fine. She said Robert is a very nice man.

“Good morning, I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciated Marley helping me with my flat tire on 7/13/17. It was a stressful situation as I was trying to get to work and he was prompt, very courteous and professional. He even took the time to put air in my spare tire since it was low to make sure I was safe to drive. It made the rough start to my day much better and he quickly got me going on my way. I tried to offer him a tip and he refused! It is not often that you receive such customer service these days, so I had to take a moment to recognize this kind gentleman and hope you will too. Thank you and have a great day.

Customer called to say Sid was such a delightful person, he was so fast – by the time she looked up, he was already in the car.

Linda called to say John was courteous and professional, she said he was so helpful and she will tell everyone in her church about Pop-A-Lock.

Paula called to say Anthony arrived quickly, he was very friendly and professional and provided great service. She had a very good experience with Pop-A-Lock and will give Anthony an excellent rating.

Beverly called to say Robert went above and beyond to help her. Even though we couldn’t assist her, Robert called her and told her about a valet switch in her glovebox to open the trunk. She is extremely happy that he called her to help, even though he didn’t have to. She said he really made her day so much better – she is forever grateful.

Joe called to say Robert represents Pop-A-Lock well! Joe said Robert was very professional, polite and knowledgeable. He said he has our # on speed dial and will call us again if he needs anything.

Jenny called to say Robert was very helpful and did a great job. She said he was prompt and knew what he was doing, he went above and beyond and even gave them directions.

Rachel called to say she is very impressed with Alex, she said, even though she was rude to him – he was very patient and kind. She also said that she had a great experience with Alex and Pop-A-Lock, we should be proud to have him for an employee.

Molly called in to say Robert went above and beyond to help her find her keys, and he did a great job with the service he provided.

Kendra called to say Britton was really kind and professional, she is very satisfied with the service that he provided.

“Sidney was very friendly, professional and quick.
Julie P.

Jennifer called to say the service that Anthony provided was perfect, he arrived on time and was very quick but professional and polite.

Fletcher called to let us know that he is so impressed and blown away with how quick Marlan was with his service, he was all about business and he was just awesome. Fletcher also said Marlan was very professional and polite and he really knows what he is doing. He had the vehicle open in like 5 seconds and he was very happy about that!

Customer called to thank Robert for doing an outstanding and very professional job on getting his vehicle opened in more than a timely manner. The customer is very pleased with Robert’s arrival time, the customer advised that Robert arrived before he himself could get to his vehicle, and that Robert stayed on the phone while arriving to the job location. Mr. Clark was overall very pleased with the professional service he received from Robert.

“Robert was very professional and very helpful. He was very pleased with the quick service that was provided.”

“You saved me $102 plus at least 4 hours of my time:

I accidentally threw away my only 1998 Honda Civic car key. I called my Honda dealer who said ‘That key has a chip which must be programmed. You need to tow your car here and we’ll create a new, coded key for $140.” When I add the $85 towing fee to that, that’s a $225 total estimate per the Dealer.

Turns out, ’98 Honda Civic keys are NOT coded; Pop-a-Lock told me and confirmed this. Pop-a-Lock then sent Jesse G. right to my home in under 2 hours, therefore no need for a tow, no associated costs or time waste. Jesse created a new key – that works like a charm! – for $123 total, including new key + service/time/labor. Total experience was great! Jesse in particular was excellent, providing professional and comfortable on-site customer service.

Thanks! I was already kicking my own butt re: having only 1 key, then losing it … saving $102 on the ‘fix’ made me feel a lot better.”
Barb P.

Bob H. called to say he is very pleased with Anthony and the great service he provided, he did a fantastic job and was very prompt.
Kimber called to say Robert arrived in a timely manner and had excellent communication skills – she is extremely happy with the customer service.

Thelma called to say Mike did a great job! She said it wasn’t about the job he did, but more about how nice he was – he was quick and great!!

Alex called in to say Robert did a wonderful job – he was fantastic!

Carolyn called to say Robert did an awesome job and she is very happy with how quick Robert went out.

Dan wants everyone to know, including the manager and owner of Pop-A-Lock, that it was wonderful to have such a great young man working for Pop-A-Lock. He said he usually does not call to give compliments, but Donald is worth the call, he was exceptional in his work! Dan was very impressed and pleased with the customer service, he said we are fortunate to have such a great person working for us.

Michelle called in to say that Britt went out to unlock her vehicle, he was good – service was great and he saved her life!

Mr. Steward called to say that Robert was very nice and helpful, and he is very good at his job. Mr. Steward really appreciates the customer service.

Annabelle E. called to say there was a gentleman by the name of Robert that went out to help her. She said he arrived quickly and was very polite. She also said she is very happy and satisfied with the customer service, she wanted to say thank you – PAL is awesome.

Jean P. called to say Robert was very nice and knowledgeable, he knew what he was talking about. They told her it would be 30 minutes or more and he showed up right at 30 minutes.

Angela Taylor called to praise Robert E for his quick arrival and service. She also said she is very impressed with his genuine caring and concerned personality. He was clearly not out just to make money for his company, she has used PAL before but Robert is the greatest. She will request him again and again!

Robert R. called to say Robert provided outstanding service, he will be using Pop-A-Lock again, especially if it’s Robert. He said Robert arrived in less than 30 minutes and was clean cut and everything.

Paulette W. called to say Anthony did an excellent job and was very good at the job.

Mr. Richard called to say Anthony arrived in less than 10 minutes after he called for service. He said Anthony was very professional and did a 5 star job.
Nick P. called to say Robert was fantastic! He arrived in 10 minutes, was very cautious and careful with the car. Mr. Propper says Robert is an asset to our company, he is a great guy and deserves a raise. Keep it up with the guys like Robert and they will always be huge advocates for Pop-A-Lock.

Ms. McClamma called to say Michael and Robert worked tirelessly to get into her residence, she is extremely satisfied and thankful for their hard work.

Norman called to say thanks to Robert for arriving quickly and only taking 30-40 seconds to open his door. Norman had worked for hours unsuccessfully, but Robert got it right away.

“I want to tell you what a great job Robert E did in response to my call to unlock my car on 2-1-16.

1. He had another call before mine and he kept me updated on his approximate arrival time.

2. He saved me money on the final price with an old Pop-A-Lock receipt.

3. He was quick and opened the car door within the first minute.

4. He is friendly and very outgoing.”
Colleen G.

“Anthony provided outstanding customer service!”
Robin P.

“Marlon arrived in 15 minutes, explained everything to me, and was a super nice guy!”
Matt T.

“I’m very happy with the customer service I received from Robert, he did a great job!”
Beverly J.

“This was the second time Marlan has serviced my vehicle, and he always does a great job. He arrived early, which was nice, and was friendly, polite, and clearly knowledgeable about what he was doing. I was very satisfied with the customer service I received!”
Tonia B.

“Robert arrived quickly and was very professional. He provided wonderful customer service and is a wonderful person.”
Shawn M.

“Robert was very nice, sweet, professional, and did the job quickly.”
Lillian R.

“Anthony was great. He arrived within 15-20 minutes, and once there he opened the door even faster. I timed him, and it only took him 1 minute and 13 seconds to unlock the door.”
Darian J.

“Anthony was fast, courteous and very professional. I would hope to see Anthony if I ever need assistance at midnight.”
Wendy F.

“Robert provided great customer service and was very nice and friendly.”
Hyatt V.

“Anthony arrived quickly and was fast and efficient.”
Charles H.

“Robert was very punctual and thorough and did a good job.”
Tobin T.

“Anthony was great – he was on time and very knowledgeable.”
Jean J.

“Marlan did a great job, he was in and out in no time at all.”
Bereneither L.

“Don was very prompt and professional – I was amazed by the customer service.”
Milicent R.

“Marlan was awesome, he turned a bad night into a good one.”
Tresha P.

“I am very pleased with the customer service Anthony provided, he was prompt and great!”
Cindy M.

“I want to give cudos to Anthony for a job well done. He did a good job and had good timing.”
Joanne B.

“Robert arrived quickly and did a fantastic job. He stayed with me until the vehicle was opened and I was able to leave. I am happy with the service provided.”
Latonya S.

“Joshua did an amazing job on getting my child out of the car!!!”
Dulce G.

“Sid went above and beyond to help me with my CDU. I would like a call from his manager to tell him about it.”
Sarah S.

“Tony did a great job getting my car door unlocked!”
Stephanie C.

“I was very satisfied with the customer service I received. The technician did a great job unlocking my car.”
Antise K.

“Anthony showed up quickly, he even called to advise me that he was on his way. Anthony communicated well and was very friendly and got my door open quickly.”
Gus C.

“Robert did an excellent job at unlocking her car door.”
Kia V.

“Robert did an excellent job, he was friendly and got me back on the road. I was scared to death and Robert put me at ease and made the best of a bad situation.”
Christina M.

“Robert did a great job of unlocking his car door. I appreciated his customer service.”
Ron F.

“Anthony was great! He was quick and friendly.”
Amber B.

“Jimmie provided great customer service. He arrived quickly, worked fast and efficiently and was very kind. I impressed with him and his services. I will recommend PAL to friends and family.”
Tony M.

“Anthony was a real gentleman, he provided excellent customer service and did it with a smile.”
Dorita B.

“Anthony was very professional, he got there in a timely manner and got my nephew out of the vehicle.”

“I would like to thank Marlan for his help. Marlan went above and beyond and made a stressful situation a much calmer situation. Great Job PAL!”
Jax F.

“Marlan was quick and very friendly, he provided excellent customer service.”
Matthew S.

“I would like to thank Robert E. for having such a great spirit and doing an excellent job. I would refer him to anyone because he knows what he is doing and gives great customer service.”
Trudell F.

“Don W. was very courteous and did a great job. Someone riding a bike around there also wanted to compliment Don – he was very respectful to the bike rider by slowing down while the bike was passing.”
Amber O.

“I would like to tell Anthony “Thank You” for a job well done. Anthony kept me on board about how long it would take him and I really liked that.”

“I am corresponding to commend a young Black male who responded to my call for assistance through the Firestone Roadside Assistance program. I did not get his name, but the Work Order # is 679827 and he helped me yesterday, February 1st around 12:00 noon.This young man is very personable and was very kind. He went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was safely on my way. You are fortunate to have an employee who exhibits such great work standards. He is definitely an asset to your company.”
Peggy L.

“The technician was good and got me in my car quick, he did a great job.”
Terry H.

“I would like to praise Marlan L. on a job well done. He would not leave me and stuck with what needed to be done to get the trunk open…he needs a raise!”
Fay N.

“Pop-A-Lock’s service was awesome – Robert was very nice and on time.”
Crystal W.

“The technician that helped me out was quick and professional.”
Jenny S.

“To the BIG BOSS,

I want to tell you a story about a man named Marlan, one of your employees maybe the boss, I don’t know him, I can’t remember him being with me, I can’t remember him helping me, I can’t remember him ……………period.

From what I can piece together, the following happened……………..

He answered my call to your company that afternoon, I think I called my insurance AARP Hartford to find you.

He not only changed my wheel ( the wrench bent and was useless, that’s why I called for help ) but guided me to hospital (Baptist South), called my wife in Maryland, and was at the airport to meet her and bring her to the hospital.

After bending the wrench, I next remember being in the ER at Baptist South some 4 or 5 hours later. My wife shows up around 11pm and I am kept there until about 7pm Monday night. They found nothing wrong and concluded that I had suffered Transient Global Amnesia, but not why.

So I spent Monday at the local Marriot and left for Maryland Tuesday, stopping in Rocky Mount NC and getting home Wednesday, without further incident.

First, I would like to thank you and especially Marlan who went above and beyond for me. He is employee of the year for me!!! One day he must tell me what went on, because it is a big blank for me.I want to apologize to him because I expect I was not very nice to him at the time and probably said more than I should. Now I offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to him for what he did and to you for having him on your staff.”
John M.

“Anthony did an excellent job. He was very courteous and nice, he was there on time and completed the job in 12 minutes.”
Lisa M.

“Robert went out to unlock our car. He was fast, friendly, and very professional. I wanted Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville to know about the great customer service he provided.”
Evelyn S.

“I just wanted to take the time to personally thank and commend your employee: “Anthony” for the outstanding service and assistance that he provided us on 14 November 2014 at approximately 4:17pm in the 1900 block of Jammes Road on the Westside of Jacksonville.

Anthony responded in a timely manner and was eager & zealous to assist us in our unfortunate endeavor. Without hesitation or delay he retrieved his tools and subsequently opened up the car for us without incident. His assistance enabled us to gain access to the locked vehicle, therefore enabling us to be able to continue on with our investigational efforts without any further delay or hesitation.

After completing his task, Anthony would not accept any gifts, gratuities, or payment for the services rendered. Anthony was polite, courteous, professional, and a stellar example of surpassing the kind of service that is to be expected from Pop-A-Lock employees / representatives.

Again, we greatly appreciate Anthony’s assistance, and wanted to make you aware of the spectacular service he provided us on Work Order # xxxxx.”
Senior Trooper Joshua A. McLeod
Criminal Interdiction Unit – Felony Officer
Northern Region Special Response Team – Operator
Florida Highway Patrol – Troop G

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received from Pop-A-Lock. Charles was efficient, pleasant and hard working. He was very helpful and explained everything to me before he started the job. I re-keyed my home and he took the time to make sure everything was working correctly before he left. I will recommend Pop-A-Lock to my friends and family in the future.”
Kim Pomar

“I would like to thank the locksmith (Anthony) that came out to my house last night (March 5th).
Unfortunately, we were locked out of our home and Anthony came shortly after I placed the service call and was very experienced and courteous. I really appreciated the care he took when unlocking our door. He definitely demonstrated the highest level of professionalism. Thank you for your outstanding service.”

“On Wednesday March 5th, I locked my keys in my car in my driveway after returning from teaching. Just got the used car and it doesn’t have an extra key. I called Geico and they got Pop-A-Lock on the line immediately. Anthony was here in 10 minutes and finished in about 3 minutes. Painless. Thank you.”

“I placed a service call thru Kia for a flat tire on 01/18/2014 and wanted to report that I received excellent service from Anthony! Anthony responded quickly with a very comforting and professional attitude! He had my tire changed in no time and had me and my daughters back on the road.”
Reviewed by Laura D. March 2013

“I just want to recognize the hard work and genuine care that your technician GERALD displayed during our service. Gerald arrived promptly, was professional, friendly, kind and compassionate. I was locked out of my car with two young children in tow and had lost my key inside a Dailey’s Gas Station Store. It was hot outside and getting hotter as my husband was NOT happy having to come and get me and deliver kids around town as I continued to search for my key. Even after Gerald unlocked the car, I could not leave as the key was still missing and my car’s alarm kept sounding every 10 minutes or so causing several Dailey’s customers to make less than supportive comments to me. Gerald kept his cool and continued to be very helpful and patient. We appreciated his service as well as his demeanor and will definitely use Pop a Lock again because of him.”
Reviewed by Susan W. E.;

“I just wanted to say thank you very much to the technician, Sid. My tire change service was quick and Sid was very courteous. You don’t find that nowadays!”
Zora C.

“Tony did a great job…Very pleasant, figured out what was wrong right away…And he didn’t make me feel stupid for a dumb mistake I made! I was very happy with him. He knew exactly what he was doing and was very courteous.”
Mary B.

“What a great job Scotti did! I was so impressed with him and how he explained all the different other services Pop-A-Lock does. He did a fantastic job and was knowledgeable. But, the one thing that impressed me the most was the fact that he really enjoyed doing his job and he wasn’t there just to get a check. I was very impressed and will be telling all my friends about Pop-A-Lock’s service and recommending them to use you.”
Mary L.

“The 2nd gentleman that came out was very professional and performed the car door unlock quickly, within 60 seconds. He was very courteous and apologetic for wait, and he was much faster than first tech that struggled.”
Quinetta W.

“I work for the call center for AT&T and wanted to tell you that the technician Sidney Golphin has incredible customer service. It was 2nd to none and my experience was excellent. I can’t say enough wonderful things about how he had a great attitude, it was a pleasure talking with him, and that for being 7 or 8 at night you would think that changing the tire was like winning the lotto, he was so friendly.”
Shannon W.

“The technician got there very quickly and got into the vehicle very quickly. We were very pleased.”
Janett H

“A young man named Sid came to open the door to my house. He was very professional and did not give up until he got the door opened. He is a good example for your company.”
Nancy D

“I was very pleased with the service provided when Jeff came out to unlock my 2008 Kia Spectra at 565 King St. I own a business as well and just wanted you to know that Jeff demonstrated excellent customer service and was fast and courteous. I will continue to use your company due to the great service I received from Jeff.”
Ryan M.

“Good Morning, I just want to thank you so much guys. You are doing a GREAT and WONDERFUL job. Yesterday I locked my daughter in the non-automatic car and you guys came in 15 minutes and helped us. I really appreciated your help. I hope I don’t need you guys again but if I need to I already know which number to call :)) Thank you all Pop-A-Lock employees and owners. You are the best in this town. Thank you again.”
Nihal K

“Good afternoon, This email is with regard to roadside assistance provided today at approximately 3:45pm. I am writing to give recognition and my heartfelt thanks to employee Doug Owens #16, for wonderful customer service. The battery in my car died while I was at work today, which just so happens to be one of those manic days where everything needs to go right and you’re crossing your fingers that it will… and of course try to keep level headed and positive about, well basically, everything. It’s been a challenge this past week and today, not enough hours in the day, deadlines and high stress, if I can emphasize the word manic. And to top it all off, I was on my way to deliver timely documents – and could not start my car. Perfect timing, of course. Mr. Owens not only came way before the anticipated arrival (the courtesy call estimated 40 minutes), but he provided excellent customer service, courtesy, and professionalism at its best. Mr. Owens is a credit to your company, and I hope he is acknowledged as such. My thanks to Mr. Owens and Pop-A-Lock, best wishes and continued success to him and your company.”
Katelyn G and Stuart R

“At the age of 69 (Sunday was my birthday) for the first time in my life, I locked myself out of the house. I had a 6 o’clock appointment and it was now 5:30. When I spoke to your representative she said it would take 30 minutes for the tech to get to my house. I told her of the urgency and she said she would relay my message. The young man was at my house in less than 30 min. Carl worked fast and he was really a “people person”. His demeanor kept me calm as he tried his best to get me in the house and to my appointment on time. I cannot say enough for Carl’s professionalism and his expertise in helping me to get to my destination on time. I was only 15 minutes late. Which, by the way, no one even noticed. Sunday was also Father’s Day. Since Carl is a dad, I was sorry to have interrupted his day. Please thank CARL for me!”
Betty B

“I have a 2 year old autistic child who got locked in the car today. Due to the wonderful people you have working in your company she was in the car for only 23 minutes total. Despite the fact that it was 93 degrees outside she ended up being okay. I thank you so much for your quick response to this emergency. I had to get my daughter inside quickly to cool her off so all he made me do was sign the invoice. I will definitely recommend your company in the future. The other great thing is that you don’t charge although I would have given everything I had at that point. Thank you very much and keep up the great service!!!”
Priscilla M

“To Whom It May Concern, This past Friday I managed to get locked out of my car with the engine running at a Bank of America near the drive thru. I was beside myself as my cell phone was also in the running locked car. I had a real busy day ahead and being locked out of my car was the last thing I needed. I went inside the bank to use their phone and they told me about your company. I’m new to the Jacksonville area so I was unfamiliar with the name. The dispatcher was very pleasant as well as having a calming voice – I don’t remember if she said her name but she too was very helpful. She informed me someone would be at my location with 30 minutes, great. To my astonishment, Sid showed up within 10 minutes easy, and was in my car in under a minute. He was my hero Friday morning and I was truly impressed with the professionalism of these two people. In our busy lives we tend to only write companies to complain (I’ve written my share); however, excellence should also be commended and this is what prompts me to write you this letter. You have some very fine employees and they took very good care of me. If I ever get locked out again, and hopefully I won’t, it is still a wonderful feeling to know that if I do, your response time is par non. Thank you and Sid for helping turn around my Friday.”
Jan K

“Hello, I recently locked my key in the trunk of my Mercedes. I was visiting Jacksonville, FL from NC and was about to leave when I locked the key in the trunk. The car has high security locks along with an alarm system and my other keys were in NC. The first technician told me over the phone that a technician experienced with high security locks would be required. Charles Monson responded and arrived at my vehicle shortly afterward. He was very courteous and knowledgeable. He was able to open the driver’s door, but we were unable to open the trunk or reset the alarm. He then was able to pick the trunk lock and provide me access to my key so I could begin my journey back to NC. I thought Mr. Monson did a great job and was very professional and that is why I am taking the time to write you today. He certainly takes great pride in his work and it shows.”
Aurn S

“We called from the yellow pages for a locksmith to help us install a new door lock in Jacksonville, FL this afternoon and consider ourselves lucky to have been assigned Charles Monson. He came earlier than expected and was so helpful. It is rare these days that I feel compelled to celebrate someone who goes beyond basic polite service. Charles was engaging with my 80 year old Dad and went well beyond the usual “thank you sir” conversation. He convinced my Dad to rekey the locks to as few keys as possible which makes his life (and mine) less complicated, as well as installed the new lock and fixed a few other minor problems. He took the time needed to explain the needed requirements of the job, and also put at ease my Dad who was not too sure of the need for a locksmith at the time. I am sure that now that he has his card he would not hesitate to call him which is an ease for me as I live out of town. If you ever need a more formal recommendation please do not hesitate to call or respond to this e mail as I feel strongly that you should know what a good ambassador Charles Monson is for Pop-A-Lock.”
Patrea S

“I just wanted to thank you all at Pop-A-Lock for your help! I had the horrifying experience of accidentally locking my baby inside a new car. I was still getting used to the car and hit the lock, rather than unlock, button before opening the baby’s door. Your service was there within 10-15 minutes. Your employee, Tom, was very efficient at opening the door with no damage to the door. He must work for the downtown office since I was in the Baptist downtown hospital parking lot. Thank him again for me; he was a life saver.”
Elizabeth P .

“Imagine my horror when I realized that I had locked both my purse and my 20 month old grandson in the car! I returned to Publix Market (Mandarin) where the service attendant immediately called Pop-A-Lock. George arrived in less than 15 minutes and quickly released the lock on my 1991 Aerostar. My grandson was unharmed but my pride was bruised. This very courteous service provider quickly calmed my distress and allowed me to feel that this can and does happen to lots of people every day. Adding to my relief, he kindly told me that there was no charge for this service–I would have paid just about anything! Thank you.”
Chrys S

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