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Pop-A-Lock is the leader in Jacksonville automotive locksmith work. In fact, Pop-A-Lock pioneered the category of car door unlocking services and is the leading car locksmith in Jacksonville. Car door unlocking is exactly as it sounds — the art of opening locked cars and helping people who are locked-out of their vehicles. Commonly called lockouts, these incidents occur quite regularly when people have lost car keys or locked keys in the car. Pop-A-Lock also opens trucks, trunks, trailers, and any auto lock on most vehicles.

Given the heat in Jacksonville, car door unlocking is difficult to perform correctly without damaging the rubber seal on the windows, window tint, or the lock linkages inside the car door. We use specially designed tools and significant training to make sure the job is done right. As is obvious, handling a lockout and opening car doors should only be handled by a professional — and you should always use Pop-A-Lock to get the job done correctly and damage-free!

In addition to being expert at unlocking car doors, Pop-A-Lock can help make car keys when people have lost car keys. Jacksonville heat creates many issues, first amongst them being people rushing around and forgetting things like keys! Regardless of make or model of vehicle or type of key, we can make most car or truck keys for you as your 24 hour car locksmith.

Jacksonville Car Locksmith Preparation:

All of our locksmiths are trained in Jacksonville for auto locksmithing. Jacksonville is a tough environment for auto locksmith work due the humidity and heat combined, and what it does to automobiles. Our technicians practice on all sorts of cars and trucks under close watch before being allowed to work in the real world. Each employee is apprenticed so he can get experience to prepare when they get to the field.

Below is our full list of Jacksonville Locksmith Automotive Services:

Jacksonville Car Locksmith Tools:

It should be noted that successfully unlocking a car requires use of the right tools and the right technique. Pop-A-Lock engineers designed tools specifically for the purpose of car door unlocking. Slim-jims and other devices are never used because they damage vehicles and are not able to open all vehicles.

Jacksonville Automotive Locksmith Qualifications, Trust, and Safety:

It matters who you use to unlock your car. Don’t hire an unknown company who can seriously damage your vehicle or overcharge you! Also, if damage occurs, you could be stuck replacing the linkages in your vehicle, or worse having to make a costly new key for your vehicle.

Always take the smart, safe approach when your keys get locked in the car. Call Pop-A-Lock!

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