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ReKey Locks + Change Locks

Folks often call and ask us (Oh! “Us” is POP A LOCK of Jacksonville) to “change locks” for them. A fair number of homeowners (as well as business owners) don’t realize that the only time they have to change locks is when they want to upgrade their hardware. Otherwise the only thing they have to do is rekey locks.

When a locksmith rekeys a lock, they take the old lock apart, “dump” the pins in the lock and re-pin the lock to accept a different key—so the old key won’t work. That’s called a “Re-key” and is generally a lot less expensive than changing locks would be.

When does rekeying locks become a necessity? Well, if anyone has a key to your home, apartment or business that shouldn’t have one—you need to rekey your locks. If you and your significant other have differing opinions about your relationship and you prefer to live alone: you need to have your locks rekeyed.

Many times rekeying locks is necessary at odd times of the day or night. In other words, it is often an emergency. We are available 24-hours-a-day, to respond to your rekeying needs anywhere in the Jacksonville area. When you need to rekey, or change locks we can be there—in a hurry—ready to solve your rekey or lock problem.

If for some reason, you do need to change locks (a lock malfunctioned that can’t be repaired) we can change locks and rekey the new lock to your old key (As long as the keys are compatible: Like Schlage to Schlage and Kwikset to Kwikset) that might fit more than one, or more, locks in your home or place of business.

Now you know the difference between a rekey and a lock change. Call POP A LOCK of Jacksonville for all of your lock, and lockout needs and find out why we’re Jacksonville’s locksmith leader.

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