High Security Locks

Among locksmiths high security locks are, as a rule, more readily recognized by their brand names then by their attributes, benefits or security features. From the consumer’s standpoint high security locks can be any lock on the hardware store’s shelf that says, “High Security Door Lock”—even the cheapest off shore offering from the Orient.

Neither group is necessarily wrong—but they’re not necessarily right either.

Granted Medeco, Schlage Primus, KeyMark, Assa, Segal, Mul-T-Lock and a few others are recognized as being considered high security locks. Each of those companies actually make high security deadbolts, high security key-in-knob locks, high security padlocks, high security auxiliary locks, rim locks and even cabinet and sliding glass door locks.

But what sets these high security locks apart from the ubiquitous locks that you find by the boxful at local hardware stores and home-centers that lay claim to the term High Security on their labels?

For one thing; each of the manufacturers named above use proprietary or restricted keys. That is High Security Keys. Keys that you can only get from the manufacturer through dealer programs or special order—that prevents the bad guys from easily getting hold of key blanks and either having unauthorized duplicates made, making bump keys or hand filing a key to fit the lock.

High security door locks (Deadbolts and key-in-knob, or key-in-lever sets) have greater pick and drill resistance then more common locks that you find just about anywhere locks are sold.

High security locks generally are more difficult to pick or bypass because of sidebars, special pins and unique keyways making picking, raking and even bumping more difficult — if not nearly impossible.

Locks like Medeco and Peaks have hardened steel pins to resist drilling and heavier mounting screws and mounting configurations to resist being beaten off the door. With that information in mind it really does make more sense to buy all the security you can afford and high security door locks are the locks that will offer you and your family and business the most security for the money.

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