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Jacksonville Transponders and Transponder Chip Keys

transponder key (sometimes called a “chip key“) is a key that has been designed to deter theft of a given vehicle by providing a radio link (radio frequency identifier or “RFID”) between the car and the key. The key has a transponder chip in the “head” of the key that transmits a signal to a receiver in, or near the ignition switch of the vehicle. The key has a unique frequency embedded in the transponder chip and the receiver “reads” the frequency being transmitted by the key and sends a signal to the “on-board” electronic / engine control unit (ECU). If the proper transponder chip key is in the ignition, the ECU allows the vehicle to be started.

Keep in mind that any key, or keys, (even one with the wrong transponder code) that are correctly cut mechanically will allow the ignition to turn. However, only a properly cut key with the properly coded transponder will allow the engine to start.

Although transponder keys with their unique RFID radio frequency offer an increased degree of theft resistance, lost transponder car keys makes it necessary for you to select a qualified professional locksmith, whose equipment supports the transponder protocol when it comes to originating or duplicating transponder keys that will start your car by sending the proper transponder codes to the receiver and allow your car to start.

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith serving Jacksonville and surrounding areas, has the proper equipment and the highly trained locksmith technicians to not only get you into your locked vehicle and make you a duplicate key, but to make sure it is programmed properly to your car’s transponder codes. They can also generate you a new transponder key with accurate transponder codes to replace your lost car keys.

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