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Jacksonville High Security Car Keys

High secrutity car keys are used in almost all luxury vehicles. Each of those high security car keys are all different and usually brand-specific. That means that an Infinity key will not work in a BMW, and a Mercedes key will not work in a Volvo.

As a general rule of thumb, that means you cannot modify a Camaro key to function in a Lexus and an Acura key will not pass the keyway of a Porsche. It also means that if you own and drive one of these luxury cars you cannot take your high security key down to Ace Hardware, Walmart or Home Depot to have a car key duplicated.

The reality is that you have three choices: Call POP-A-LOCK Locksmith Jacksonville, take your key to the dealer where you bought the car (and hope it does not take days, or even weeks, for them to order a new key), or take your chances with a “key cutter” at the local flea market.

Consequently, that means in order for any car dealer, hardware store or locksmith to generate keys for these luxury vehicles, they have to possess specialty code readers, high security key generating equipment, be high security lock pick specialists, as well as trained technicians who are up-to-date, and stay up-to-date, about which high security car key operates with the specific high end car and how to program your duplicate car key or new high security car key.

When it comes to helping you solve your high security car key needs in Jacksonville, POP-A-LOCK should be your first choice for a Jacksonville car locksmith. We have the right people, the right equipment, and the right stock of high security car key blanks to get you up and running — fast!

Remember, if you need the leading Jacksonville high security car key specialist, call POP-A-LOCK any time DAY or NIGHT and we can help.

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