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Protect Your Home with Bump-Proof Locks

Several years ago (2007) an old locksmith trick, for opening a lock without a proper key, made national news and the term “Bumping” scared the American news readers and watchers just about as much at the Mongols frightened the Chinese when they showed up at the gates of The Great Wall of China.

And with good reason. Bumping locks, bump keys and the ability to unlock a large number of locks by bumping is an old locksmith trick that worked. It worked for locksmiths and it worked for the bad guys and gals who took the time to learn how to bump locks.

Let me give you a short course on how bumping locks works. Basically, a specially modified key or keys (Keys that can be obtained at any hardware store and modified—or purchased on the Internet ready to go) is inserted into a lock and after properly positioned, the bump key is “rapped” with a hammer, a piece of wood or a screwdriver handle. If the bump key is hit just right, the pins and springs are forced to allow the plug to be turned and the lock unlocked.

Does it work? Yes! Is it a serious threat to homeowner and business security? Yes!

In fact, the major lock manufacturers in the United States almost immediately—after the news hit the mainstream media—launched a massive research and development drive, to develop and bring to market, bump proof locks—locks that would give the homeowner bump key protection no matter how adept a thief was at bumping locks.

Quickly, one manufacturer after another brought a passel of bump proof door locks to the market. With the rapid response of the lock industry and the release of anti-bump locks, bumping locks rapidly became a less favorable method for the thugs to gain entry to a home.

Don’t mistakenly think that the threat has gone away. It has not. At POP A LOCK of Jacksonville we can evaluate the risks of your locks being susceptible to opening with a bump key and install bump proof locks on your doors. In some instances we can simply rekey your current locks with special pins and springs that will offer great bump key protection.

Is there such a thing as a truly “anti-bump lock, or such a thing as bump proof door locks? Yes! And the lock specialists at POP A LOCK of Jacksonville can help you select the best bump key proof locks available.

The following link will allow you to view a Jacksonville news article about bump keys. Just click on it to read the article and then call POP A LOCK of Jacksonville for all your lock and key needs.

Here’s a link to another definitive article on lock bumping.

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