Frequently Asked Questions

Can Locksmiths Be Trusted? I hear about locksmith abuse on TV and on the radio all the time.

Locksmiths can be trusted. You need to do your research and make sure you hire a safe and trusted locksmith. As preparation for the time when you will need a locksmith, it is prudent to do work ahead of time and have a locksmith like POP-A-LOCK ready to call in case of emergency. Put our phone number, e-mail, or website address in your phone. Make sure your children have our contact information. Then, when emergency strikes, or you just need locksmith service, you are ready with the right vendor to call.

If you open my car without a key, will you damage it?

We specialize in not damaging cars by the techniques and tools we use to open them. It’s why we got started as a company — to prevent damage to vehicles. Many locksmiths use slim jims or other unsafe tools. At Pop-A-Lock we use internally designed tools and techniques to make sure no damage is done to your vehicle.

Does Picking the Lock to My House Damage the Lock?

No, no damage occurs while picking the lock to your house. Sometimes, a lock cannot be picked and so has to be drilled out, ie removed and replaced. In this instance the lock is damaged which is why it needs to be replaced. One of the reasons many customers pick Pop-A-Lock is that we have a high percentage history of picking locks successfully. In these instances, the lock is not damaged and does not need to be replaced.

Our expert locksmiths are available for 24/7 service.