Ignition Giving You Problems? Call Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville

It may be hard to believe, but when you have ignition problems, locksmiths can often be a cost-saving resource. While an auto repair shop or dealership can help with many repairs, they are not the only places to have a vehicle repaired.

Understanding Car Ignitions and Common Problems
The ignition controls a car’s power with a turn of a key. When a driver puts the car’s key into the ignition, it turns a lock that then triggers the electric ignition switch. The ignition switch connects the car starter to the battery, which delivers a surge of electricity to the motor, allowing the car to start.

The ignition can fail in two ways. Now and again, there are issues with the electric ignition switch. In this situation, drivers can insert and turn their car keys, but the engine doesn’t turn over. This issue, then, is a job for an auto repair technician.

However, the lock cylinder in the ignition can also fail. Drivers will know the lock cylinder fails if they find they can’t insert the key into the ignition, or if the key refuses to turn and catches in the lock. In such cases, a professional locksmith can repair the lock mechanism, helping the car owner avoid a costly trip to the mechanic or dealership.

The average price to replace an ignition at a dealership can be an astounding $375, and an independent mechanic may charge anywhere from $275 to $325 for this service. In both instances, the car will need to be towed to the repair bay, adding more expense to your overall bill.

How a Professional Locksmith Can Help
Instead of paying the high rates of an auto mechanic, Pop-A-Lock can replace the lock mechanism in a car ignition and are able to perform the service wherever the vehicle happens to be. Not only does this save you the cost of a repair at a shop, it also saves the hassle and cost of getting their cars towed.

If you find yourself unable to turn the key in your car’s ignition, call the professionals at Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville before calling your mechanic or dealership. In many cases, Pop-A-Lock may be able to save you 50 percent of the cost of a mechanic’s repair. If you’re stranded in a car with a key that refuses to turn, call Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville today at 904-246-4590 to schedule an appointment.