Prevent Leaving Your Child in Car

Prevent Leaving Your Child in Car

It can happen to anyone. A child dies in a vehicle after being locked inside. This tragedy typically occurs when a parent or caregiver makes a change in their routine. The parent that normally drives the child to their activities has a schedule change, causing the other parent to take over the chauffeur responsibility. When someone is not accustomed to handling this responsibility, a lapse in memory can occur. Depending on the weather conditions, a child locked in a vehicle may experience hypothermia or heat stroke.

Child locked in car
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Roadside Essentials – Don’t Hit the Road Without These!

Are you already thinking about summer and hitting the highway for a few road trips? Well, don’t forget your emergency kit!

The time is approaching where it’s time to get those dreams realized, get those vacation brochures out and plan your summer trip. Camping? Driving cross country? Maybe going to the amusement park? Wherever your summer takes you, you need to make sure you have this: An emergency roadside supply kit to get you out of a bad situation and back on the road to fun. Even if you had your car checked from “bumper to bumper,” stuff happens. Whether it’s a flat tire or something in the road that gets caught in a belt, you’ll know you’ll be prepared for whatever the summer season has in store for you.

There are a handful of items that every caravan should have in its trunk. Most of these items can be located around the house or garage. A couple of items can be picked up at a hardware or parts store at a low cost. When it comes to the emergency kit, you’ll have to remember: The benefits out-weigh the price tag. Even more importantly, these items will fit into a portable file box or an old duffle bag, so you’ll have more room for luggage or other goods.

1) Battery jump box: Throw away those jumper cables! A battery jump box – which has 101 uses – can save your summer vacation. Accidentally leave the lights on while trying to get the family out of the car for an event? Need a quick charge on your cell phone? Need an extra electrical outlet for a camping item? The battery jump box is your answer! The cost is around $35 to 45 and can be purchased at a big box retail or home improvement store.

2) Tire puncture sealer: This easy to use tire inflator, sealer is a great get you out of a jam product. There is nothing more deflating during a summer trip to come out into the parking lot and see a tire flat on your vehicle. The quick fix to get you to the repair shop for a proper fix? Self-inflating, sealer all compact into a pressurized can. Remember: this is a point A to point B – from the incident to the repair shop — fix! Don’t rely upon it long term! As a courtesy, let the shop know you installed the additive when checking in with the advisor.

3) First aid kit: You never know when walking in the wrong shoes will give you a blister. Catch yourself on a sharp object and cut your finger? How many times have we been looking through papers and got one of those notorious paper cuts? Why do a search and rescue in a strange town for a drug store when you can have all the essentials in your emergency tool kit? Band-Aids, antiseptic, sunburn spray – items you already have in the medicine cabinet – can be within reach within seconds in your kit.

4) Small tool kit: You never know when you might need to make a minor repair on the family truckster this vacation. A burned out tail light bulb? A dangling front bumper air dam? Something you can repair in the driveway with little effort, but need to fix before traveling forward. Small screwdriver set, utility knife, tie-straps, small socket set – all things you find in your garage – can mean the difference of going forward fast or wasting time waiting for a repair at an out of town shop.

5) Duct tape: What a great product with a 1001 uses – at least! Whether it’s putting a temporary fix on an inflatable beach toy, anchoring an object to another or securing a bumper skin after a minor fender bender, this product is a must in every emergency tool kit. And, you don’t have to get the fancy colors or designs. This is strictly for utility use and recommend keeping your monies for souvenirs and purchasing the plain-Jane, gray tape. It’s just as effective.

6) Sealed snacks and drinks: You never know what life’s going to throw at you and this includes a road-side breakdown or accident. Waiting for emergency personnel or a tow truck is no fun. And, sometimes, events like these can turn into hours, so if you or a loved one needs to have a snack every so often to keep health issues in check, I always recommend having sealed snacks – like peanut butter and crackers or sealed packet of fruit juice — to keep you on the road, even if your vehicle isn’t.

7) Mosquito spray: No one likes dealing with the discomfort of a mosquito bite – especially while trying to enjoy a game of mini-golf, outdoor movie or a fishing expedition during summer vacation. The easy fix? Keep mosquito repellant ready. It doesn’t matter if it’s an organic or commercial product, whatever the medium, keep it handy for those after dusk, pre-dawn activities

8) Second set of keys: And, I’m not talking about going out and purchasing another $300 to $500 key to start your vehicle. Everyone needs a backup key. Moving suitcases out of the trunk and the keys accidently get locked inside? Preoccupied with children only to find your keys in the ignition after the doors are locked? Keep money in your wallet and purchase a $10 door lock key – cheaper than a locksmith – to get you out of that jam. I recommend keeping it in an under the car “hide a key” container – easily accessible to you.

9) List of emergency phone numbers: You’ll never know what to do when you’re in a jam and your cell phone is MIA. A printed, emergency phone number list will help get you out of that situation. Accidents, lost smart phones, strange cities can really get a person discombobulated. But, getting in touch with a trusted friend or relative for help is your key to getting you back on the road – fast!

10) Clear painter’s tarp: Want to keep those wet, sandy beach toys from soaking into the car carpet? Have a window that is in the stuck-down position and it’s going to rain? Trying to keep that dirty, nasty blown-out tire away from the suitcases? No time like the present to get out your $1.99 clear painter’s tarp from your emergency roadside kit! This compact, disposal item is a must for that emergency tool kit in the trunk. With a 101 uses, clear painter’s tarp will make life a little easier this summer vacation.

11) Pet provisions: Taking Fido and Fluffy on the road with you? Don’t forget a 1-day backup supply of food, water and pet waste pickup provisions. Also, that list of pet-friendly hotels and restaurants, too. You want to make sure that your furry friends are stress-free, making your trip worry-free.

12) Backup ATM card: Lost your wallet? Need funds fast before the credit card company overnight’s your replacement? Nothing like a pre-paid ATM card to rescue your trip. You can choose any amount according to your budget. And, if you don’t need it for an emergency during your trip? Use it to pay for pizza and drinks when you get back home.

13) LED flares: Remember those nasty, smoky flares you would see on the road when someone “broke-down?” Fast forward to the future: Reusable, LED emergency road flares are now available at a minimal cost – between $10 to $14 – at major home improvement stores or auto parts store.

We hope that this list helped you out! And we also want to remind you that Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville offers Emergency Roadside Assistance if you’re ever in a jam!

How to Avoid a Carjacking

How do you avoid a car jacking? It’s a scary notion for many, but it’s important to think about these things beforehand so that you can act accordingly if you’re ever caught in a situation.

If you’ve read the news headlines, you’ll see that carjacking seems increasingly commonplace. Sad, but true – and even more reason for you to know how to deal with it should the situation arise:

  • A man robbed at gunpoint by a woman who got out of a van that pulled up behind his car.
  • A college student was abducted by two men who bumped her car from behind. When she got out to check for damage, the men abducted her.
  • A young mother dragged to her death when a carjacker pulled her from her car at gunpoint and drove off before she could disentangle herself from her seatbelt.

Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim

Avoid becoming a victim and take a new approach to your personal safety. Below are some rules to help discourage those who seek to do harm:

  • Don’t roll your windows down for a stranger. Approaching you may be their attempt to gain entry to your vehicle.
  • If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer, ask for proper identification if the situation feels the least bit suspicious.
  • Don’t open your car door without first checking to see if anyone is hiding in your vehicle.
  • Try to keep some distance between your car and other cars at a traffic signal or stop sign. If a stranger approaches your car and you feel uncomfortable, do what is needed to get out of the area.
  • Don’t get out of your car in a strange neighborhood to inspect damage if someone bumps into your car. Instead, drive to the nearest well-lit store or service station. Then, get out of your car.
  • Beware suspicious activity on overpasses. If you suspect foul play, slow down, speed up, or change lanes.
  • Make sure that the windows are up and the doors are locked before you start your car.
  • Don’t panic. If you find yourself in a scary situation, a clear head is likely to get you out of trouble.

Above all, be careful and use good judgment. Ensure your personal safety by developing and implement your own “defensive driving” techniques. To learn more, contact Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville today at 904-246-4590.

Install a Door Lock with the Help of Pop-A-Lock Locksmith

Have you moved into a new home recently? Perhaps you have been an unfortunate victim of burglary? If so, you may want to replace all of your locks for newer and stronger locks. But how exactly do you install a lock? With the help of Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville, of course!

install door lock
Install a home lock system

Passing off this task of door lock installation is a good idea because professional Jacksonville locksmiths like us should be the first person you call for the task. Pop-A-Lock is trained in all manner of lock and security services – whether you need a simply key duplication or need to install state of the art closed-circuit television systems (CCTV).

Getting a door lock installed isn’t as expensive as you might think, although some of the newer technology and elaborate locks may cost a little more money. And if one of your locks was broken with force, significant repairs should be made to your door and lock system, which could also add more to the total bill.

Here at Pop-A-Lock, we use a wide range of tools, specialty locks and key systems. We carry some of the newest technology and designs, deadbolts, chain locks and electronic security locks. In addition to home security, remember that your car has locks too! Car locks are more challenging and difficult to replace yourself, so calling on us is definitely the way to go. Most of the time, installing a car door lock involves taking apart the door. So unless you’ve highly skilled with automobiles, give us a call!

Whether you’re installing new locks for your home or car, we’ll make sure you have the best lock for your situation to keep you, your family, and your valuables safe. If you have any questions about your home or car lock system in Jacksonville, please call us at 904-246-4590.

Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville Provides Emergency Roadside Assistance


Although we are known as primarily locksmiths, we are always here to help you with emergency services, such as flat tire assistance, jump starts, gasoline delivery and, of course, lockouts. During the summer, it is a well-known fact that many cars break down. The summer heat can wreak havoc on many cars, new and old, which can sometimes leave you stranded and helpless on the side of the road.

Pop-A-Lock Emergency Roadside Assistance

Just as with all of our locksmithing services, you can still expect  the same level of exceptional professionalism and efficiency with our emergency roadside services. You can guarantee our focus is on your safety and satisfaction. You can be assured that Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville – as well as all other Pop-A-Lock locations across the nation – is considered a leading service provider in every major road club in America.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe on the roadside.

If you’re broken down in traffic*:

  • Get your car as far away from traffic as possible or onto the shoulder lane, if on a highway/freeway.
  • Don’t push the car if you’re alone – it may become uncontrollable.
  • Put on your hazard and headlights to increase your car’s visibility.
  • Get out of the car – wait away from it, off the road and behind guard rails, if possible.
  • If it’s hot out, wait under some shade.
  • If in heavy traffic or a dark area, be careful moving around outside the car.
  • Make yourself visible in the dark or wait in a well-lit area.

If you’re broken down in an isolated area at night*

  • Lock all doors.
  • Put hazard and headlights on to increase your car’s visibility.
  • Keep your mobile phone handy and switched on.
  • Stay in your car until you’re sure roadside assistance has arrived.
  • If approached by an unknown person, stay in your vehicle with the doors locked. Keep your window down slightly, but not far enough for anyone to reach in.
  • If you’re concerned or frightened by their presence, activate your horn while switching your headlights on and off. Call the police by dialing 9-1-1.

* These tips are intended as a guide only. Other precautions not mentioned may also assist in personal safety. This list may not include every possible precaution required.

Nevertheless, you may be alone with the towing service driver for some time. Ask questions, give names and numbers to a friend and be sure to keep a cell phone on hand, if you are worried about your safety. If possible, keep a friend with you throughout the process. And if you have any questions, please give us a call at 904-246-4590.