Install a Door Lock with the Help of Pop-A-Lock Locksmith

Have you moved into a new home recently? Perhaps you have been an unfortunate victim of burglary? If so, you may want to replace all of your locks for newer and stronger locks. But how exactly do you install a lock? With the help of Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville, of course!

install door lock
Install a home lock system

Passing off this task of door lock installation is a good idea because professional Jacksonville locksmiths like us should be the first person you call for the task. Pop-A-Lock is trained in all manner of lock and security services – whether you need a simply key duplication or need to install state of the art closed-circuit television systems (CCTV).

Getting a door lock installed isn’t as expensive as you might think, although some of the newer technology and elaborate locks may cost a little more money. And if one of your locks was broken with force, significant repairs should be made to your door and lock system, which could also add more to the total bill.

Here at Pop-A-Lock, we use a wide range of tools, specialty locks and key systems. We carry some of the newest technology and designs, deadbolts, chain locks and electronic security locks. In addition to home security, remember that your car has locks too! Car locks are more challenging and difficult to replace yourself, so calling on us is definitely the way to go. Most of the time, installing a car door lock involves taking apart the door. So unless you’ve highly skilled with automobiles, give us a call!

Whether you’re installing new locks for your home or car, we’ll make sure you have the best lock for your situation to keep you, your family, and your valuables safe. If you have any questions about your home or car lock system in Jacksonville, please call us at 904-246-4590.