Prevent Leaving Your Child in Car

It can happen to anyone. A child dies in a vehicle after being locked inside. This tragedy typically occurs when a parent or caregiver makes a change in their routine. The parent that normally drives the child to their activities has a schedule change, causing the other parent to take over the chauffeur responsibility. When someone is not accustomed to handling this responsibility, a lapse in memory can occur. Depending on the weather conditions, a child locked in a vehicle may experience hypothermia or heat stroke.

Child locked in car

Make the back seat a must check

Place your purse, briefcase, or any other important item that you must and always grab when leaving the car in the backseat.

Visual Reminder

Place your child’s diaper bag or favorite toy in the front passenger seat with you. This will visually remind you that the child is in the car.

The Care Giver Check In

If you don’t arrive to the caregiver by a certain time, have them call you to find out where you are.

If someone other than yourself is bringing the child to your caregiver, call them at a designated time to ensure delivery.

Be Ready to Help

What if you see a child locked in a car? Don’t just assume it isn’t your problem. If the parent isn’t nearby, send someone to find them while you stay with the child. Don’t wait too long. Call 911 and Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville, which has a free community service of getting kids out of locked cars. Make sure you save our phone number into your phone now: 904-246-4590.