Do You Know About Our Free Key Return Program?

How many times have you said these words: “Have you seen my keys?” Probably more than you care to admit. It’s suggested that people misplace as much as nine items per day – and the most common item were keys.

Multitasking, fatigue and stress are the main reasons for misplacing items. With the holidays coming upon us, you are more at risk for losing your precious items. But no worries because we have some good news. Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville provides a FREE key return program for its residents. All you have to do is simply request one of our keychain tags by contacting us.



Once you receive the tag, you will register your information on our website using the code on your tag. If a good Samaritan happens to find your keys before you do, they can simply drop your keys in any mailbox, and your keys will be sent to our home office. Once we receive them, we will mail them directly back to you for FREE!

It’s best to be prepared, so get yours today! You can even request multiple tags and hand them out to your friends and family.