We here at Pop-A-Lock in Jacksonville were recently remiscing about all the changes we’ve seen over the years. Since we started here in June of 1995, Jacksonville has gotten to be a much more cosmospolitan place. It’s hard to believe that the Jacksonville Jaguars football team didn’t even exist when we got started!

Not only has the city of Jacksonville changed, but our organization has changed too. We got started almost exclusively helping people get back into their cars if they got locked out. We were so busy in the early days handling that business we never imagined we’d branch into advanced auto locksmith work much less residential locksmith work such as home rekeying jobs and lockouts. Today we’re a
full service locksmith
and can truly service almost all locksmith needs from auto to home to business.

But the area we are most proud of is our work with the community via our free EDU program. With this program we will unlock a child or any person who’s life is in danger for free if they are locked inside a car or house. Many people are taken aback when they hear us mention this service because they say it can never happen to them, or they think how irresponsible it is for someone else to lock their child in a car. The truth is that it can happen to anyone, and DOES happen to many people. We have helped save literally thousands of children from these situations. And, despite popular misconceptions, none of these situations have been the result of ill will or true irresponsibility. Things just happen in the course of our busy lives that result in sticky situations like these. We are proud of the fact that we’ve been able to help so many people. Over the years, we’ve actually gotten hundreds of thank you’s from people whose lives we’ve helped. You can see many of these on our Jacksonville locksmith reviews and testimonials page. In the upcoming months we’re going to attempt to post even more of them from the archives.

Many of the locksmiths who started with us in the early day are still here helping us. As we reminisce about our own history and all the people we’ve come into contact with, we would truly enjoy hearing from our customers over the past 15 years. Please send us a note, write a review on one of the review sites out there, or give us a call. We would appreciate hearing from you.

Time to get back to business. Please keep an eye on our blog we have some interesting areas of locksmithing we’ll be discussing.


The Pop-A-Lock Management Team