Installing deadbolt and auxiliary locks on homes is an economical way to secure one’s property. A deadbolt lock is installed in the door, while an auxiliary lock is installed on the door. Both types of locks can be purchased inexpensively at a home center store for between $7 and $10 on average.

Though many inexpensive locks do not have the features of higher quality locks, they are better than no deadbolt or auxiliary lock at all.

Install a New Deadbolt Lock

Installing a New Deadbolt Lock

Before installing a deadbolt lock, measure the thickness of the door. If the door is less than 1 ¾ inches thick, install a reinforcement plate, such asMAG’s Install-A-Lock, before installing a new lock. Though most do-it-yourselfers are able to install locks on their own, if a door requires major reinforcement or if a homeowner anticipates the installation process will be difficult, it may be easier and more effective to hire a professional locksmith to install the lock.

To install the lock, follow the installation instructions in the packaging. Drill and cut the edge bore, the cross-bore and mortise cut-out for the face plate. Then, use three-inch long drywall screws to attach the bolt or latch to the door rather than the shorter screws that came with the lock. The longer screws will hold the bolt of the lock more firmly to the door and make it more difficult to force open.

If using a reinforcement plate, mount it on the door at this point. Then, align the body of the lock according to the directions. Then, insert the screws that came with the packaging to fasten the lock to the door.

Next, measure the bolt hole and strike plate locations on the door jamb. Then, attach the strike plate to the jamb with drywall screws three inches long or longer. The longer screws require a bit more elbow grease, but will increase the strength of the strike plate.

Installing a New Auxiliary Lock

Auxiliary locks are easier to install than deadbolt locks because they are mounted on the surface of the door. The only cut through the door is a 1 ¼-inch hole for the key cylinder to be mounted on the outside.

Installing deadbolt and auxiliary locks is an easy, economical way to enhance security for many Jacksonville, FL homeowners. If you’re interested in learning more about deadbolt or auxiliary locks or to learn about how a professional locksmith can help, call us at 904-246-4590.