Is Working Too Fast A Bad Thing?

We were recently reading different posts from different Pop-A-Lock locations around the US and Canada, when we noticed a funny story that got us thinking. A woman in Ohio was upset because the technician worked very fast in opening her door, and she didn’t think she should have to pay the amount on the bill for that duration of work. We laughed, at first, because we thought the customer’s point was odd – but then we got to thinking about how we would handle the same issue.

The price is going to be the same no matter how long it takes. Personally, we think a service is great when it’s fast and it gets the job done right. Picture this: If the cashier at a grocery store rings your things up fast, then do you think you should have to pay more because of their speed? We say, “No.” The same idea should be applied to the locksmith industry. The price is going to be the same price no matter if the technician is fast or slow.

In fact, we are usually the fastest in the business because our technicians receive top-notch training, but sometimes situations can change.

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