5 Warning Signs of Untrustworthy Locksmiths

 Warning-Signs-Pop-A-Lock-LocksmithIn an ideal world, you’d research local locksmith companies and program a reputable one into your phone in case of future emergencies. The side of the road just isn’t the best place for checking out different companies, reading up on customer reviews, and verifying ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) membership. However, if you’re locked out and have no choice but to resort to the yellow pages or internet listings, watch out for these 5 warning signs that you’re about to fall for a locksmith scam. Locksmith scams are common all over the country, including in Jacksonville.

Warning Sign #1: The locksmith company answers the phone without saying the company name. Disreputable locksmiths use many false business names, addresses, and phone numbers that all feed into one remote call center. Because there are so many different company names, the person answering your call may only say, “Locksmith.” In contrast, if you call Pop-A-Lock of Jacksonville, our name will be the first thing you hear.

Warning Sign #2: Conspicuously low quotes over the phone or in an ad. It’s a classic bait and switch: a dishonest locksmith company offers you what seems like a great quote so you agree to the service. When the locksmith actually comes out, the initial quote turns out to cover the service call only. The actual labor adds on another $50-$100 (or even more if the locksmith sells you on unnecessary services). If you sense any evasiveness when you ask about pricing on the phone, trust your instincts and try another Jacksonville locksmith that offers firm quotes. Written quotes are even better.

Warning Sign #3: Locksmiths who show up in unmarked cars. An unmarked car is a major red flag that you could be dealing with an untrustworthy locksmith. Shady locksmith companies use out of state call centers but hire local contractors who are often poorly trained, unequipped, and uninsured. An inexperienced technician can cause serious damage to your locks, doors, and windows. A local locksmith company in Jacksonville that provides its technicians with tools, uniforms, and marked cars is a much better bet, not only because you’re likely to enjoy better service, but also because you can hold them accountable if anything goes wrong.

Warning Sign #4: Locksmiths who talk up the price before even starting to work on your lock. Ask about pricing before a locksmith begins to work on your lock. If he’s already tacking on additional fees, you know you’re going to be paying a lot more than you bargained for. Although you might be tempted to just go along with it, keep in mind that bad locksmiths can damage your locks and end up costing you even more money and time. Pop-A-Lock is often called to repair damage done by less trained locksmiths. It’s not too late to dismiss this locksmith and call another.

Warning Sign #5: Locksmiths who want to drill your lock. It’s true that there are cases in which your lock cannot be picked and must be drilled. However, they are relatively rare, and legitimate locksmiths view drilling as a last resort. If a locksmith works on your lock for only a few minutes before declaring that it has to be drilled, don’t let him. Drilling a lock means you’ll have to pay for installing a brand new lock. Get a second opinion instead —  it could save you hundreds of dollars.

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