Don’t Make These Home Security Mistakes

It’s easy to make a little slip when it comes to home security measures. We’re busy people with busy lives. But to a criminal – especially smart criminals – loves a lax homeowner. But even a dumb burglar can score big when we’re lazy with our home security.

Here are some easy fixes for your making sure your home is secure for yourself and your loved ones:

1. Don’t nickel-and-dime your door locks. It’s all about high quality locks. A cheap lock is just that – cheap.

2. Don’t hide keys. We’ve all seen it in the movies, so anyone will know to check on top of the ledge above the door frame.

3. Make sure your valuables aren’t visible through windows. That goes for your home and car.

4. Flatten boxes that valuables came in like flat screen TVs. Then, put them in large garbage bags and out for trash pickup. Keeping those big boxes out of sight will help keep the bad guys at bay and not showcase what you have in your house.

5. Lock your doors! It might seem simple, but plenty of us use excuses like “I keep forgetting,” “It’s a hassle,” “I’m going in and out.” Your mistake, or lazy excuse, is a burglar’s reward.

6. Don’t leave any ladders in the yard.

7. Used timed lighters inside and out so that your place is never dark.

8. Keep your garage door locked at all times except during the seconds it’s in use.

9. Keep your house alarm on. Some intruders will try to break through a locked door or get in through a window. The second he does, the alarm will emit a piercing sound that will instantly drive him away. It’s also important to keep the alarm on even when you’re home. Burglaries happen during the day too.

10. Don’t post anything on social media that indicates you’re away from home.


* When you’re on vacation, arrange for a vacation hold of your mail and newspaper deliveries.

* To make your home look occupied while you’re out of town, have a trusted person park his car in your driveway and mow your lawn. Overgrowth leaves clues that you’re traveling.