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What is Lock Bumping?

March 19, 2015

Have you ever wanted to know about lock bumping? Here is a little more information on this industry term. What is Lock Bumping? For many years, locksmith pros like Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville have utilized several methods and tools to bypass pin and tumbler locks for legal purposes. One such technique is called “bumping.” Lock bumping, also...Read More ...READ MORE
Jacksonville Locksmith Services

How to Avoid a Carjacking

February 20, 2015

How do you avoid a car jacking? It’s a scary notion for many, but it’s important to think about these things beforehand so that you can act accordingly if you’re ever caught in a situation. If you’ve read the news headlines, you’ll see that carjacking seems increasingly commonplace. Sad, but true – and even more...Read More ...READ MORE