A Commercial Locksmith is Essential

You may know Pop-A-Lock for our PAL Saves Kids emergency door unlocking (EDU) program or our other auto locksmith services that help with ignition key replacement, lost car keys, car key duplication, or high-security car keys and laser keys. However, you may not always need a locksmith for your car.


Each individual situation will require a specific set of services. For example, if you’re dealing with a home break-in, then you probably won’t need an auto locksmith. The same goes for businesses and other commercial properties. These will need a specific set of skills that a commercial locksmith will have. Luckily, Pop-A-Lock locksmith services include not only auto, residential, but also commercial.

A commercial locksmith specializes in the security and safety of a commercial business or property, and this can mean a wide variety of things. One common need for a commercial business is keyless entries and electronic keypads. This is often used in companies that need a medium-level of security. For instance, a large office park often includes a wide variety of businesses. Therefore, in order to prevent just anyone from walking in, a keyless entry, such as those requiring a specific photo badge and electronic key card are necessary.

Another example of a commercial locksmith service is basic locksmithing needs within the office. This can include installing new locks for safes, fixing file cabinets, and creating new keys. If a company deals with a lot of money or has a lot of sensitive information, these services are considered indispensable.

Installing alarm systems and monitoring are also included in commercial locksmith services. Commercial locksmiths can help install closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), which are used to monitor all areas of the office while away. Burglars could attempt a break-in during the weekends and evenings, so a CCTV system could help catch the culprit.

If you’re looking for a commercial locksmith, contact Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville today!

Get the Facts on Biometric Locks

Could your fingerprint be your next key?

Biometric locks (also known as fingerprint locks) are no longer the stuff of science fiction: they’re here, and you can get one installed on your home or business in Jacksonville. Biometric locks vary, but all have some sort of optical or thermal reader that can identify individual fingerprints. Assuming you’re on the authorized list, all you need to do to unlock a door is put your finger on the reader and enter the right PIN. Pretty elegant, right?

In fact, biometric locks come with both pros and cons. It’s a good idea to learn about both before making a decision whether a biometric lock is right for you. If you have specific questions, give Pop-A-Lock of Jacksonville a call at 904-246-4590 or visit our page all about biometric locks.



Pros of biometric locks

  • No more keys! Are you prone to getting locked out? You’ll never be able to forget or lose your key if the key is your fingerprint.
  • Control access for multiple users. Biometric locks can recognize anywhere from 20 – 1000+ different fingerprints, depending on the model. It’s easy to delete or add users. Some of the more sophisticated locks even allow you to control who has access at what time or on what day. If you have guests, you can program them into the system for the duration of their stay and delete them after they leave. No need to get spare keys made.
  • Individuals who have access cannot share codes or keys. Only the people you intend to get in can.
  • Diverse applications. Biometric locks are available on locks, deadbolts, lockboxes, safes, and even computers. The technology is becoming more common every year, as are the number of applications. High security versions are also available.

Cons of Biometric Locks

  • Reader problems. Biometric locks are newer technology and can still be prone to reader failure, especially in wet weather or bright sunshine. If you have a cut or scar on your finger, it may not recognize your fingerprint.
  • User error. People who are unfamiliar with how to use a biometric lock may experience problems when they present their finger.
  • Expense. A biometric lock often costs a little more than a comparable mechanical or electronic lock.

Still have questions about how a biometric lock would work for you? Call Pop-A-Lock of Jacksonville, FL today at 904-246-4590 to get some honest answers and a free upfront quote on installation.

Photo by: Stefano Mortellaro