What is Lock Bumping?

Have you ever wanted to know about lock bumping? Here is a little more information on this industry term.

What is Lock Bumping?
For many years, locksmith pros like Pop-A-Lock Jacksonville have utilized several methods and tools to bypass pin and tumbler locks for legal purposes. One such technique is called “bumping.” Lock bumping, also referred to as key bumping, is an attack technique using specially cut keys, known as bump keys, that can defeat conventional pin and tumbler locks.

Here is Wikipedia’s definition:
Lock bumping is a lock picking technique for opening a pin tumbler lock using a specially crafted bump key. A bump key must correspond with the target lock in order to function correctly

How is Lock Bumping Done?
Lock bumping uses the basic principles of physics by inserting a specially cut “bump-key” (also referred to as a 999 key) into the lock, then by using any type of object the key is then struck or “bumped”. The energy transferred from the impact forces the pins within the lock up above the shear line for a fraction of a second enabling the lock to be opened.

How Common is Lock Bumping?
According to statistics provided by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and the Department of Justice, nearly 2/3 of all break-ins occur with no sign of forced entry. Since there is no way to determine the actual method, it would be impossible to know for sure how many break-ins were a result of lock bumping. However, there are steps you can follow to help protect yourself, family and property. Door locks are just one form of security for your home. Consumers can also protect their homes by lighting the entry and perimeter areas, using alarm systems, motion detectors and even the family pet as deterrents to those that would attempt to enter your home.

What is Being Done to Prevent Lock Bumping?
State and federal laws prohibit the distribution of “locksmithing devices” to anyone other than lock manufacturers or others with a recognized legal purpose. Many organzation, such as the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, are working with other organizations to minimize the risk that such devices can be obtained by individuals for improper purposes.

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