Car Key Duplication & Replacement


There was a time not too many years ago when, if you needed a spare key for your car, you could zip down to the local hardware store, big box store — and even the local gas station — and they could duplicate a key for you. Sadly, or gladly, depending on your point of view, those days have faded into antiquity.

Today, although hardware stores and Wal-Mart can still duplicate a lot of the older car keys, but their car key duplication capabilities are limited. Today, most new cars require special car key cutting equipment and if you need a key generated by code you have two choices: The dealer where you bought the car and a car locksmith who has the proper key cutting equipment and the knowledge to expertly effect a car key replacement for today’s hi-tech cars.

It is the same issue if you have to replace lost car keys. Your choices are the car dealer or a qualified auto locksmith whose expertise goes beyond simple key duplication and allows them to replace lost car keys no matter what kind of key your car needs

You might not be aware, but if you have lost your car keys and call a dealer, the dealer is going to send a tow truck out to tow your car to their shop. So you will have a very expensive, usually greater than $150 towing fee to pay — depending on the area — in addition to the charge to make your car keys. Even worse, the dealer may not be able to “get to”” your car for several days. So, you can either borrow someone else’s car, rent another vehicle, or walk!

Your realistic and most cost effective answer is to call POP-A-LOCK, the leading provider of Jacksonville duplicate car keys. Should you lose your keys, Pop-A-Lock can make you a new key generated by a code. The really cool thing about calling Pop-A-Lock Locksmith of Jacksonville is that they will come to wherever you are located so there is no need to have your car towed to the dealer!

So if you want car keys made POP-A-LOCK in Jacksonville is the place for car key duplication. Jacksonville residents have depended on our company for many years. We have the right key, and the right key cutting equipment to allow us to generate keys by code, replace lost car keys and provide car door unlocking service. Car key replacement is our specialty in the greater Jacksonville area. Be sure to call us if ever you are in trouble and need the top rated Jacksonville auto locksmith!

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